Be Your Own Dating Coach

Be Your Own Dating Coach

The new dating handbook for guys and girls.

1. Meeting Someone. There's speed dating, the bar scene, internet dating and blind dates; you've tried them all.

2. The First Date. Where do you go? Who pays? Is it okay to have a goodnight pash?

3. After the Date. Who calls whom? Do you want to see this person again? Do you want something casual or long-term? Is he even the kind of guy you've been looking for?

The dating scene; it's chaotic, haphazard and conflicting. It's any wonder people manage to hook up at all. One minute you think you're on the right track and the next minute, you end up with someone you have no real interest in. Or even worse you get dumped.

'Be Your Own Dating Coach' is a guide to understanding how you deal with relationships, how you can figure out what you want (with realistic expectations), and how you can get on track to get what you want, whether you're after some casual fun or searching for THE ONE.

Divided into two parts specifically designed for girls and guys, psychologist and relationship consultant Jo Hemmings covers:

  • Dating versus relationships
  • How to enjoy your breathing space and being alone
  • The difference between being alone and being lonely
  • How to overcome shyness and make the first approach
  • How to respond to being approached
  • How to like yourself and boost your self-confidence and sexual confidence
  • The etiquette of SMS and email
  • How to end a relationship or deal with being dumped

    'Be Your Own Dating Coach' offers a fun and sensitive guide to getting to know yourself better, increasing your self-esteem, getting into relationship you want to be in (and deserve to be in), and above all, how to leave behind the pressure and anxiety dished out by dating and have a little fun.

    Dating Coach
    Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Australia
    Author: Jo Hemmings
    ISBN: 1841126608
    RRP $27.95

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