Dawn Undercover, Anna Dale

Dawn Undercover, Anna Dale

11-year-old Dawn Buckle embarks on a highly dangerous mission in the world of espionage! Rustygate Primary School does not teach espionage and sleuthing, so when Dawn Buckle is asked by S.H.H. (Strictly Hush Hush) to become a highly trained spy with P.S.S.T (Pursuit of Scheming Spies and Traitors) she feels rather at a disadvantage. But showing an incredible ability and very quick thinking she soon finds herself caught up in an incredible adventure to unearth the wicked 'spy-gone-bad' Murdo Meek.

Can Dawn piece together all the parts of the incredible riddle before Murdo does away with his hostage? Can she outwit this master criminal while at the same keeping out of harm's way?

A tremendously funny, action-packed read starring one of the most unlikely and lovable heroines you will have met for a long time.

About the Author:
Anna Dale was born in 1971, and lived in Suffolk and Hampshire before settling in Essex when she was seven. Anna spent most of her childhood in a village called Writtle. Anna left Writtle to study History at Kent University, and she lived in Canterbury for three years. Later, when she came to write Whispering to Witches, Anna drew on her memories of those student days in Canterbury. She now lives in Southampton where she works part-time in a book shop while writing her books.

Dawn Undercover
Allen & Unwin
Author: Anna Dale
ISBN: 0747580324
RRP: $15.95