Bewitch a Man Fiona Horne

Bewitch a Man Fiona Horne

Australia's bewitching white witch has men spellbound

'Magick isn't mumbo jumbo and superstitions nonsense', argues Fiona Horne, white witch and author of 'Bewitch a Man'.

'Think about it. If a woman stands under a full moon and lights incense, calls on the gods, and confers spiritual power that can transform reality, it is called witchcraft, and it is considered bad. If a man does all this under the roof of a church, he is called a priest and considered holy and in direct and superior communion with God.'

The 41-year-old Australian aims to empower women in her eighth book, 'Bewitch a Man', by not only providing them with spells, charms, potions and magical know-how to bewitch men, but also a positive way of living. Practicing magick creates a sense of personal power and self-esteem which is projected from within and reflected upon the world. Some might scoff at bewitchery but Fiona Horne believes it can be another positive ritual in our day-to-day life, 'Is spell casting to get a man any crazier than some of the things we do?'

Whether you are terminally single, in an unhappy relationship or having trouble choosing which guy to settle down with, bewitchery allows you to still have the relationshiop you have always dreamt about. How? It all comes down to science.

In quantum physics, subatomic particles exist and their energy is only able to be measured when being observed.

'They are invisible unless our consciouness is actively engaged in their reality. The observed becomes changed by the observer.'

'So it is with spell casting: We allow ourselves to 'know' the reality of what we are creating, and in doing so, it exists,' Fiona Horne explains. 'So what do you have to lose?'

'Suspend you disbelief, cynicism, and fear and let yourself experience something extraordinary. Remember, every woman was put on this earth to be happy and in love - at least once.'

Bewitch a Man
Simon & Schuster
Author: Fiona Horne
ISBN: 9781416950981
RRP: $12.95

Fiona Horne Interview

1. What was your inspiration behind this book?

Fiona Horne: Living in the USA for 7 years and being mostly single myself, I knew I needed to write the book that would change my life as well as help single women (and men for that matter) find their perfect partner. It was a terrific experience to write - myself and my girlfriends road tested the spells, rituals, meditations and practical psychology - all with fantastic results. The book features their testimonials, and I have a wonderful boyfriend now!

2. Have you always wanted to be a writer? What was the turning point that cemented your decision?

Fiona Horne: No I started out as a singer/guitarist for many years (in Def FX and before that all girl punk group The Mothers). The first piece of published writing I did was a series on Women in Electronic Music for the Sydney street magazine The Drum Media in 1993.

3. What type or books (or authors) do you like to read when you are not writing yourself?

Fiona Horne: I loved the recent Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I like to read novels that involve travel, adventure and personal enlightenment.

I also love collecting ancient witchcraft books and manuscripts for their fascinating historical perspectives and I love reading anything to do with scuba diving, the ocean and skydiving and planes - my favorite activities to do when I am not working. My boyfriend is teaching me to fly a 1950's stunt plane - so much fun!

4. How lengthy is the process behind writing a novel?

Fiona Horne: I plan my books at least 6 months in advance, jotting down every idea even on a scrap of paper if necessary. I keep all these notes in a box and then when I absolutely cant procrastinate anymore I start writing and it usually takes me 4 to 6 weeks of solid writing.

5. What is your favourite part of being a writer?

Fiona Horne: Seeing the books on the shelves and hearing from people who enjoyed them - I dont like sitting down and writing - its my least favorite thing to do in the world!!!

6. How do you deal with disbelief & cynicism?

Fiona Horne: I dont - I just ignore it. Theres plenty of room in the world for people who think like that - its just that I dont hang out with them! I just get on with doing what I do and enjoying connecting with like minded people who see the world as a place of joy, magical and practical potential and wonderful fulfilment on all levels, mentally emotionally physically and spiritually

Fiona Horne Quick Questions

Full Name: Fiona Horne
Nickname(s): Fi
Star Sign: Cancer
Book Category: Non Fiction - Spirituality and Personal Relationships/Self Help
Favourite Food: Avocado
Favourite Film: currently Juno (LOVED it!)
Favourite Actor: Catherine Zeta Jones in Traffic
Pet: Manny - my cat (yes the first cat EVER I am not allergic to! he is very psychic and cool)
Describe yourself in 3 words: Happy Resilient Adventurous
Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Tiny Broadwick - the first person every to jump from a plane and freefall premeditated (male or female) in 1914 - Tiny is a woman. Her jump led to the invention of the modern self deployed parachute
Hobbies/Interests: Scuba diving, Skydiving, Flying Planes
First Job: apprentice car spray painter at the age of 15 at Sydney City Smash Repairs
What Can You Never Leave Home Without: My tarot cards! Someone always wants a reading
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: Having sex with my boyfriend!! Hee Hee - he is hot! I think he's bewitched me!

Fiona Horne Photo by: Christopher Ameruso