Betrayed by Lyndsey Harris

Betrayed by Lyndsey Harris

A mother. A daughter. A family torn apart.

The heartbreaking true story of an unimaginable betrayal

For the first six years of her life, Sarah Harris was a normal, happy, popular little girl. But from the age of six her life was a living hell - as she became the victim of a vicious eighteen-month hate campaign. Before long she was suspended from school, alienated from her friends, completely bewildered and utterly terrified. Her happy childhood had been destroyed forever.

For her mother, Lyndsey, it was a life beyond her worst nightmares. Her little girl, the daughter she loved so much, seemed to have transformed overnight, doing things unthinkable in a six-year-old child - things that made Lyndsey scared of her own child. Stealing razor blades. Attempting to poison her friends. And accusing her parents of sexual abuse. Soon Lyndsey's marriage was on the verge of collapse, social services stepped in, and suddenly Lyndsey was fighting to keep her family together - and to save her daughter's sanity.

The only person who stood by Lyndsey was Tanya, Lyndsey's best friend of fourteen years - the one woman she could turn to, the one friend she would trust with her life. But then Lyndsey received a phone call from Tanya's husband and the horrific truth was revealed: Sarah was innocent, and Lyndsey was a victim of the most hurtful betrayal of all...

Random House Australia
Author: Lyndsey Harris
ISBN: 1846051355 / 9781846051357
RRP: $32.95