Britney Inside the Dream the Biography

Britney Inside the Dream the Biography

Britney Inside the Dream the Biography

As Britney Spears embarks on her first Australian tour, Steve Dennis, author of the book Britney Inside the Dream, traces the Britney Spears story by examining the woman behind the pop-star mask, bringing fresh insights to a much misunderstood saga.

This one-of-a-kind book brings a new twist to the biography genre. Steve Dennis underwent therapy 'as Britney' for up to six hours a week for three months, and the psychotherapist's insights are interwoven throughout a compelling narrative. It is 'in treatment' meets 'biography' for the very first time.

Discreet sources who've never spoken before provided intimate information that Steve and the psychotherapist dissected to produce a true examination of Britney's character and psychological challenges in life, in relationships, in Hollywood.

The book is also a commentary on the down-side of fame- so relevant given the tragic loss of Michael Jackson and overnight success and pressures surrounding British X-Factor winner Susan Boyle. So many people dream of achieving Britney's level of stardom. This is the story of what happens when the dream comes true. It's the private truth behind the celebrity façade. Steve has told the human story behind the pop-star brand, making Britney the Person just as visible as Britney the Performer, painting a portrait to like never before.

Steve Dennis said: 'Having undergone therapy six hours a week as Britney, as well as being informed by many sources, has brought insights to this book which should not only be read by every Britney fan but by anyone who has ever dreamed that fame and wealth is the ultimate source of happiness.'

Steve Dennis is an acclaimed ghost-writer who usually collaborated with celebrites on autobiographies. The Times newspaper of London has said that the energy of his story-telling cannot be faulted. Steve- who lives in LA- is considered an expert on Britney Spears. This is his sixth book, but first biography. He was the ghost-writer on the NY Times Number 1 bestseller A Royal Duty, chronicling the life of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Britney Inside the Dream the Biography
Harper Collins Publishers Australia
Author: Steve Dennis
ISBN: 9780007318063
Price: $32.99