By Royal Command: Young Blood V5

By Royal Command: Young Blood V5

With the huge hype that surrounded the publication of Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks and the upcoming release of the new James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig- the world is going Bond crazy.

Now Charlie Higson is back with By Royal Command, the fifth book in the Young Bond series. The hugely successful books follow a young, 16-year-old Bond as he learns the bravery, endurance and recklessness that help him catch baddies and the ladies later in life.

In By Royal Command, James Bond is preparing for life back at Eton, following a treacherous rescue mission high in the freezing Alps. But James is under surveillance; his every move is being watched. He alone holds the clue to a sinister plot that will bring bloodshed and carnage to his school- and his country.

Forced to flee from Eton to Austria, James must leave behind everything he knows, with only a beautiful- and dangerous- girl by his side. Soon he is trapped in a deadly war of secrets and lies, as a nightmare reunion with a bitter enemy plunges his once more into the face of death.

Life for James Bond will never be the same again.

Charlie Higson is a well-known writer of screenplays and adult thriller novels. He's also a perfomer and co-creator of The Fast Show. There are four best-selling novels in the Young Bond series- Silverfin, BloodFever, Double or Die and Hurricane Gold.

By Royal Command: Young Blood V5
Penguin Australia
Author: Charlie Higson
Price: $29.95