Butter Comes From Butterflies - Mat Connolley

Butter Comes From Butterflies - Mat Connolley

When you were a kid, what did you believe?

  • 'I used to think sheep shrank when it rained.'
  • 'My friend Peggy told me that if you stared at the sun long enough you would go blonde.'
  • 'I thought that birds grew from birdseed.'
  • 'At age seven I thought that if I looked at a map closely enought, I would be able to see people running around.'
  • 'I used to believe that some puddles didn't have bottoms, and if you jumped into them, you'd fall forever and ever.'

    Kids have silly, strange and sometimes astonishing explanations for the way the world works. Equal parts misunderstanding, imagination and good old-fashioned zany kid logic, these unique and hilarious musings will remind you of the wonderful and wacky things you used to believe.

    Delightful and refreshing for young and old. Step back in time and remember all those things you thought you knew.

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