Caring for Acne Prone Skin Naturally

Caring for Acne Prone Skin Naturally

Caring for Acne Prone Skin Naturally

1.Acne prone skin requires gentle cleansing twice per day with a chemical free product.

2.Parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate will stress sensitive acne prone skin and are best avoided. It is best to find a product that has soothing pure essential oils like tea tree oil which is perfect for acne prone skin.

3.Reduce redness and irritation by taking an omega 3 essential fatty acid supplement, one of nature's strongest anti inflammatories.

4.Eat foods that are high in zinc, an essential nutrient that speeds the recovery of breakouts and prevent scarring. This includes sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, tahini, and almonds.

5.Food high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, will support the production of collagen and keep your skin looking fresh. Add red capsicum, berries and kiwifruit to your daily diet

6. A lack of hydration causes your skin to appear dull and lifeless so ensure that you have a minimum of 2 litres of filtered water every day

7.Avoid processed sugar, caffeine, alcohol and fried foods as these all cause inflammation which leads to outbreaks

8.Nothing will exacerbate your acne more than sleep deprivation so get to bed early to avoid tired, stressed out skin

9.Tea Tree oil's natural anti-fungal and antiseptic properties aid in removing harmful bacteria and fight the effects of excess grease and pollution that lead to acne.

10.Most acne treatments contain benzyl peroxide, which is associated with itching, burning, stinging and dryness. Instead find products that contain tea tree oil as they naturally kill bacteria that cause acne.

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