Cathy's Key

Cathy's Key

An edge-of-your-seat mystery thriller, illustrated throughout and including an authentic evidence pack. Sequel to the internationally acclaimed 'Cathy's Book'.

When the laboratory technicians working for Ancestor Lu discover the key to the immortality genetic structure, Victor names it the Cathy Key in honour of his quest to make Cathy immortal.

Ancestor Lu humours him. But when events go fatally wrong and a Fortune Teller's grim prophecy comes true, soon a homicide investigation is underway and Cathy, once again, is a little too close for comfort?

Cathy's Key is a brilliantly involved mystery thriller, a love story and an entirely interactive experience with further developments to the websites, phone numbers and online activity which makes this package so unique and special.

About Jordan Weisman
Cathy's Key is written by bestselling authors Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman and illustrated by Cathy Brigg. Stewart is the author of eight science-fiction novels one of which, Galveston, won the World Fantasy Award in 2000. He is also a pioneer in ARG (alternate-reality games) having, in partnership with Weisman and under 4orty2wo Entertainment, created The Beast, I Love Bees (winner of a Webby Award for Innovation) and Last Call Poker. Jordan Weisman is himself a leader in ARG and computer gaming, having created the successful MechWarrior franchise of PC games, founded three major design companies (FASA, WhizKids and 4orty2wo Entertainment) and is Creative Director for Microsoft entertainment division.

"Enticing and visually stimulating, but abvoe all, a cracking thriller" - TES

"Cool and clever.... impressive" - Telegraph

Cathy's Key
Allen & Uwnin
Author: Sean Stewart & Jordan Weisman
ISBN: 9780747594819
RRP: $27.95