The year is 1915, Britian is at war, and life for Celandine has become unbearable.

Bullied at boarding school where she is accused of being a witch, and haunted by the loss of her brother, Celandine runs away to a place know only to her: the secret world of the little people.

But her existence among the Various is no less dangerous than the one she left behind, for the little people are also at war, and Celandine is in the line of fire.....

Hypnotic, powerful and uplifting, Steve Augarde's extraordinary second book about the Various will take you beyond fantasy to a place where the magical becomes real, and the real becomes magical.

Random House Australia
Author: Steve Augarde
ISBN: 0385609183
RRP $27.95

Set seventy years before THE VARIOUS, the second book in the trilogy follows the adventures of young Celandine at the onset of the First World War.

having run away from her detested boarding school, Celandine is too afraid to go home in case she is sent back. AS she seeks shelter in the Wild Wood near her home, little does she think she will encounter a world where loyalty and independence is fiercely guarded, and where danger lurks in the most unlikely places.

Celandine's troubled character finds both refuge and purpose among the secret tribes of little people that she alone believes in.