Chelsea Warner Back On My Bullshit

Chelsea Warner Back On My Bullshit

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, Chelsea Warner unveils her sassy new single 'Back On My Bullshit'.

Since releasing her debut single 'How Come You Don't Pick Up Your Phone' in April, Chelsea has been busy writing and producing music with some of her contemporaries: Emalia, Nardean, Sarah Wolfe, Sarah Saint James, Bri Clark, Doolie, Charlotte Adelle, Jesabel, and SKŸE – who is also managed by Right Hand Management (Michael Parisi).

Speaking about her new single, Chelsea says "Back On My Bullshit' is a track about being unapologetically selfish in the name of putting yourself first - without worrying about ramifications. It represents a shift in focus from over-investing in others, to putting that energy back into yourself. This song is for every recovering people pleaser. Despite being unashamedly problematic, it is all for seeking the finer things in life by chasing only self-fulfilment."

The 90's pop/R&B feel is reminiscent of early Britney hits, while Sumatra's dynamic modern hip-hop inspired production brings it into 2020. Swirly synths and sub-bass combine to form a track that, with a feature from up-and-coming Sydney rapper Zyad, is mercilessly self-indulgent.

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