Starley Let Me In

Starley Let Me In

Australian singer-songwriter Starley has released the new single from her debut album One of One, with the lead track 'Let Me In'. The single and forthcoming LP are a new direction for the talented artist, working heavily with the independent label Central Station Records to create a stripped back concept to be released Friday 25 September. 

'Let Me In' is a raw love song exploring second chances after a break up, that sees Starley singing to the one who broke up with her, crooning for the person to "let me in". Starley shares, "Although I'm flawed and didn't do everything right, I realise what luck I had, and I'm hoping for another shot at it". 

One of her favourite tracks from the forthcoming album, Starley states "'Let Me In' is soulful and country in the best way. I knew I needed to do a broken-down guitar record for my project". Extremely driven, Starley was heavily involved in every aspect of the creative process with Central Station Records working on the mixing, mastering, cutting and vocals for each track. 

Central Station Records have been instrumental with Starley, helping to release her first ever single 'Call On Me', which went on to garner over a billion streams and achieved Diamond, Platinum and Gold accreditations across 26 countries. The hit singer-songwriter, now releases her debut album One of One with the indie label. 

One of One stays true to Starley's unique style, and features 13 tracks with a variety of emotions, styles and tempos throughout. The project is an exploration into her journey, and a chapter of her life that had so many twists and turns, with 'Let Me In' giving the listeners one final taste of what's to come.

'Let Me In' is available now to stream, listen and download.