Curse the Dawn

Curse the Dawn

Curse the Dawn

Curse the Dawn is the fourth book in the exceptionally popular series by New York Times Best Selling Author Karen Chance, featuring the strong, sassy, Buffy-esque Cassandra Palmer.

When we meet up with our paranormal heroine Cassie Palmer in Curse the Dawn, she has become the world's chief clairvoyant. But she just can't seem to stay away from trouble. The supernatural power players don't want the independent Cassie in such a powerful position. They will stop at nothing to see her six feet under.

Curse the Dawn is a fun, cheeky urbane fantasy novel full of action, vampires, interfering gods, and romantic romps. Discover how Cassie will overcome her new set of predicaments- a large bounty on her dead or alive, tensions with the supernatural power players, challenging her creator Apollo- and saved not only herself, but the world.

The first book in the Cassie Palmer series has now sold nearly 80,000 copies in the US and Karen Chance's popularity is growing at a rapid pace.

'Karen Chance will enthrall you with her world of vampires, mages, and a fair maiden tough enough to kick their butts.'- best selling author Rebecca York

Karen Chance is the New York Times Best Selling Author of Touch the Dark, Claimed by Shadow and Embrace the Night. Her new series, Midnight's Daughter, dominated the Australian sci-fi/fantasy best seller list in 2008. Karen grew up in Orlando, Florida, the home of make-believe, which she thinks may explain a lot.

Curse the Dawn
Penguin Australia
Author: Karen Chance
Price: $14.95