Cush n Shade, Love Your Face - You Wear It For Life

Cush n Shade, Love Your Face - You Wear It For Life


Love Your Face - You Wear It For Life

With Sun seekers taking more frequent trips to the beach or pool, awareness of the dangers of over-exposure to the sun and its skin ageing effects, particularly in the face area, are growing. However, Cush 'n Shade Ltd has the answer and has just launched a unique and innovative new sunshade product for the face, with a 50 ultra violet protection factor (Certified by ARPANSA).

Designed and patented by Joan Bree, Cush'n Shade is light, robust and portable, Cush 'n Shade slips easily into your beach bag or carried over your shoulder and weighs just 900 grams, so it can be transported to wherever you need it.

As its name implies, Cush 'n Shade is a device which combines a cushion and a sunshade. It can be used as a stand-alone product placed on a towel or as most people prefer, in conjunction with any sun lounger - on the beach, in the garden or by the pool and is tough enough to withstand the usual outdoor wear and tear.

For ease of use, just place the weighted carry strap over the top of any sun lounger to hold your Cush 'n Shade in place, offering the ultimate in sun bathing comfort and protection and providing the perfect neck support for reading a book or just watching the world go by.

Cush 'n Shade has 100% machine washable cotton covers, with replaceable covers available at a cost of ?11.95. It is expected that Cush 'n Shade will have an element of impulse purchase, due to its innovativeness, price and growing awareness of the ageing effects of the sun on our face.

You can now enjoy lounging in the sun, without the hassle of having to cover your face with a towel or baseball hat, while the rest of the body is tanning, using your usual sun protection cream. Just angle the shade slightly as the sun moves around and you are all set for a day in the outdoors.

Available in a range of colours including coral, blue, citrus green and distressed denim (available shortly), Cush 'n Shade is expected to take the sunbathing world by storm and to be the latest must have accessory on the beaches across Australia this summer.With Distribution Centers in Los Angeles (DGX) and Brussels Cush'n Shade&trade will be the latest global success!

Male and female sun seeker will love Cush 'n Shade
RRP: $29.95
Delivery to Australia guaranteed within 10 days.

Review: What's the hottest fashion accessory this summer? Cush 'n Shade! Combining comfort with sensibility in the hot Australian sun, Cush 'n Shade allows you to enjoy those relaxing summer holidays soaking up the sun without the discomfort of squinting while reading your book. With a neck-supporting pillow with an SPF50 sunshade, you can enjoy the sun and protect your face against harmful UV rays at the same time. So if wrinkles, freckles & skin cancer are not on your list this summer, lash on the sunscreen and arm yourself with a light weight Cush 'n Shade.