Diamond Star Halo

Diamond Star Halo

Diamond Star Halo

The summer Elvis and Marc Bolan die, a new star is born ... and this is his story ...

When Tiffany Murray was six, her mother decided to rent their country house as a rehearsal space for rock bands, including Queen, Motorhead and Bauhaus. Raised in rural Monmouthshire, she grew up at the legendary Rockfield Studios, where her father was a producer and her mother the resident cook- Diamond Star Halo is party inspired by her fascinating upbringing.

'Halo Llewelyn's prayers begin, 'Dear God and Otis Redding,' because she lives at Rockfarm, a rural recording studio where tractors and Stratocasters vie for supremacy. One midsummer night an American band called Tequila arrives in a beautiful silver bus, and when they and that summer are gone, they leave behind an equally beautiful baby boy, Fred.

Fred is everybody's favourite, a golden child, but a child with the man he wants to become already in his eyes. By seventeen his ambition has propelled him out into the world and into the stardom that was always his destiny. Up on stage, being screamed at by hundreds of teenage girls, Fred will always turn his spotlight on Halo in the crowd.

That's the problem with falling in love with your charismatic almost-brother- it can never be a secret. In the end, the whole world has to know.

"This book made me smile and feel that life just because several degrees more enchanting"- Patrick Gale.
"If Murray's debut was a psychedelic nod towards Stella Gibbons, in this one she proves herself the glam-rock Dodie Smith" - Alfred Hickling, The Guardian.
"Murray's lush prose will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face" - Emma Hagestadt, The Independent.

Tiffany Murray's first novel was Happy Accidents, which the Guardian called, 'a winner'. Diamond Star Halo is her second novel. She studied at UEA, and has taught Creative Writing there, and at the universities of Bath, Manchester, Arvon and, most recently, Wales. Her first novel was shortlisted for the Bollinger/Wodehouse Prize for Comic Writing, and in 2005 she received an Arts Council Award. She lives in the Welsh Marches.

Diamond Star Halo
Allen and Unwin
Author: Tiffany Murray
ISBN: 9781846272073
Price: $29.99