Human Body: 3D Close-Up

Human Body: 3D Close-Up

Human Body: 3D Close-Up

Look inside the marvellous human machine and discover how it works, including four incredible pop-up scenes.

Look closely at the inner workings that drive the amazing human body. Discover how we think at lightning speed, how blood cells fight disease, how the nose detects 10,000 different smells and how the heart beats billions of times throughout our lives.

· Four incredible, multidimensional pop-up scenes
· Close-up views of the body's inner workings and major organs
· Authoritative text and stunning digital artwork

The Human Body Topics
- Inside our bodies
- Our Senses
- The Brain
- How we move
- Bones and muscles
- Breathing and circulation
- Heart and lungs
- What happens to food?
- Digestion
- How We Grow

Review: A perfect book for inquisitive young minds to get an insight into our bodies and how they work. Presented simply so it's easy to understand and visualise.

Human Body: 3D Close-Up
Walker Books
Author: Caroline Harris
ISBN: 9781921529764
RRP: $24.95