Dirty Magic

Dirty Magic

Joe is an average, everyday kid. He hates his little sister, Hannah, and cherishes his collection of 'Monster Machine' magazine. But when Joe finds himself sucked into a grubby, gritty world, where his beloved machines are a terrifying reality. The only people who can help him are a mysterious young girl and a blind old man called Spider. Joe must brave huge war machines, underground sewers and secret police, on a incredible quest more dangerous and breathtaking than any he has ever imagined.

Exciting, page-turning adventure set in a striking and original fantasy world of huge machines rumbling across battle-torn fields, underground passageways and secret maps.

Joe?' someone called softly. You Joe Brooks?'

Joe lifted his head and saw a strange-looking girl crouching by the garden wall. She was as pale as dust and dressed in a military uniform. The girl stepped towards him, and the ordinary world vanished.

When Joe follows the mysterious Katherine, he is sucked into a grubby, gritty underworld of Fetchers, Skulkers, feuding warlords and double agents. With only blind Spider and some ancient maps to guide them, Joe and Katherine must navigate their way through a land where murderous machines roam the plains, sewer tunnels hide escape routes, and sinister contraptions listen for your innermost secrets. As Joe faces each danger in turn, one thing becomes terrifyingly clear: this is a matter of life and death, both here and in the world he's left behind.

Dirty Magic pulls you into a crazy, fast-paced world that is frightening, confronting and addictively good.

About the Author:
Carol Hughes grew up in England, in a seaside town where her parents kept a small hotel. When she got older, she went to art school to study painting. But instead of drawings, she filled her sketchbooks with notes and stories. Not long afterwards she moved to the United States and began writing. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters.

Dirty Magic
Allen & Unwin
Author: Carol Hughes
ISBN: 9781741751079
RRP: $15.95