Disco Boy

Disco Boy

Disco Boy

I looked out across the dancefloor at the punters bathed in refracted mirrorball light, clutching at one another to avoid collapsing onto the garish carpet, and asked the question every low-rent DJ asks themselves near the end of a gig. Were these people ready to shake their tailfeathers? They were. Some of them, I regret to say, even loop de looped. But hey, I didn't make that rule that every playlist has to feature The Blues Brothers. Just like I didn't decide that Ricky Martin's 'Livin'La Vida Loca' was still fit for public consumption, or that anyone should ever be asked to do the 'Time Warp' again. I just learned what people like and played it to them. Because Djing at the shabbier end of the social spectrum is ultimately about democracy. Which makes a great argument for dictatorship.
-Dominic Knight, Disco Boy

Paul Johnson has devoted the majority of his adult life to avoiding the corporate rat-race. He spends his weekends Djing at 21st birthday parties, and no-one can mix Celebration and Come On Eileen quite like him. But while he knows how to apply the jumper-leads to even the direst of parties, he can't quite get his life started. He feels trapped in his job, he lives with his parents and spends most of his spare time hanging out with corporate lawyers.

What Paul wants (what he really, really wants) is to play his own music instead of The Village People's. But as anyone who's' pushed Pause on their own lives can attest, pressing the Play button again can be very difficult.

A romantic comedy that's equal parts of bitingly cynical and naively idealistic, Disco Boy is a fantastic first novel by the very talented Dominic Knight.

Dominic Knight is one of the founders of The Chaser comedy group, and writes for ABC-TV's The Chaser's War on Everything. His first novel is either a highly original and cleverly observed work of fiction, or a thinly-veiled whinge about his own life. You decide.

Disco Boy
Random House Australia
Author: Dominic Knight
ISBN: 9781741666267
Price: $32.95