Dream Immersion at Dreamskape, Docklands Melbourne

Dream Immersion at Dreamskape, Docklands Melbourne

Dreamskape is an augmented reality (AR) entertainment complex, featuring six activity zones with over 100 games and 50 immersive experiences across an expansive 770 square metre playground.


The all new multi-media fun zone is the first time Australia will experience an AR entertainment complex of this size and diversity, with no visual aids. All games and experiences are visible to the naked eye. 


The flagship Dreamskape complex will open at Docklands Melbourne on Friday, 28 June. Utilising immersive light, sound and movement, Dreamskape offers colourful, wow-worthy fun and games for the entire family. 


Upon entrance, you are greeted by QB, the host robot who always recognizes you. QB is part of new series of high-tech robots that have emerged in the global customer service landscape. QB can guide you to activities and provide more information about the games in Dreamskape.


  • Dream Game features four custom-built game rooms, each offering an interactive multi-level game with lasers, light, colour and movement. Games include Laser Challenge, Jumping Lattice, Spot It and Devil's Eye. Each Dream Game goes for 10 minutes.


  • Dream Verse is an immersive cinematic experience, where the story unfolds around you, in full 540-degree splendour. It's like stepping inside the screen at IMAX. Dream Verse at Docklands opens with three 10-minute movies on rotation: Thrilling Journey, Sea Adventures, and Dinosaur Adventure.


  • Dream Coaster is an AR rollercoaster ride with 270-degree visuals and surround sound. Hop in the rollicking coaster car, and go on an adventure complete with real wind, mist and bubbles, immersing you fully in the dream world. The Dream Coaster ride goes for 10 minutes. Dream Coaster will open later in the year.   


The following zones are always on and can be experienced with any ticket level:


  • Dream Light provides full immersion in a room full of blacklight art, created by some of Melbourne's most talented art and design university students. 


  • Dream Immersion is a highly 'grammable feast for the eyes, with interactive scenery shifting every two minutes from floral wonderlands to animals, brightly coloured geometric shapes, emojis and so much more.


  • Little Dream is a haven for children from three-years-old to see their drawings evolve into 3D characters with AR Drawing, play a competitive game of AR soccer with L Shape, and try out interactive projection games by throwing balls from the Target ball pit.


Ideating and designing the concept for Dreamskape has been a family affair. Between them, Melbourne business and life partners Joanna Chen and Fraser Bell have over five decades of experience in leading tourism and international technology projects. They worked with three of their children to come up with the name, create the logo, design the mascot and install over 2.5 kilometres of light and data cabling for the flagship complex.


"We have seen a lot of VR and 3D entertainment emerge over the last decade, but now it's evolving. You don't need a headset or anything like that to engage in experiences like we have at Dreamskape. This makes it so much more accessible to a wide range of people," says Joanna Chen, President of Dreamskape. 


"It's an exciting time for entertainment technology, and we can't wait to see what the future holds as Dreamskape continues to grow nationally," says Fraser Bell, General Manager of Dreamskape.


Through their company, Joanna and Fraser plan to invest $30 million to build 20 Dreamskape complexes in Australia & New Zealand over the next 5-8 years.


Melbournites and visitors alike are invited to watch and interact with these future technologies in the Dreamskape new world reality at Docklands Melbourne, seven days a week. Book now via Dreamskape.com.au


What: Dreamskape, a multi-media sensory entertainment complex


Where: Level 1, The District Docklands, 37 Star Crescent, Docklands, VIC 3008


When: Monday-Wednesday 11am-7pm

Thursday-Friday 11am-10pm

Weekends and public holidays 10am-10pm

Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday


Pricing: Tickets start at $25 per person

For more information visit Dreamskape.com.au


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