Emily the Strange Stranger and Stranger

Emily the Strange Stranger and Stranger

Emily the Strange Stranger and Stranger

Emily the Strange stands for: Do it yourself; think for yourself; be yourself.

With her trademark long black hair with bangs, dark eyes, and iconoclastic style, Emily the Strange is anti-cool, a subculture of one, and a follower of no one but herself. With over 2.5 million fans, Emily the Strange clothing and accessories are sold around the world-from high fashion in Italy, to the "Emily the Strange" stores in Asia, to her roots in the Bay Area. Emily the Strange is also the star of comic books and a line of stationery products as well as the anti-hero of upcoming feature film. Our four book deal marks her debut as literary character.

In her second adventure, Emily finds that she has created her own nemesis when she accidentally clones herself. Again told in diary format, like Emily the Strange: The Lost Days, this second novel features strong, unique first-person narrative along with her penchant for Top 13 lists. The books are illustrated with black-and-red art representing Emily's own sketches, doodles, and archival photographs.

The hallmarks of the Emily the Strange brand are quality manufacturing, attention to details, and unique formatting. The commitment to individuality and to excellence carries over to the novels which, in addition to being engaging stories in their own right, are books noted for their collectability.

Age 12+

Emily the Strange Stranger and Stranger
Harper Collins
Author: Rob Reger
ISBN: 9780007355013
Price: $19.99