Totally Stylin' 4 Fashion Snaps

Totally Stylin' 4 Fashion Snaps

Totally Stylin' 4 Fashion Snaps

A new title in the series for 8 to 12 year old (tween) girls, published in conjunction with Total Girl magazine.

Have you got a passion for fashion? The girls in Totally Stylin' do!

Follow the Totally Stylin' girls as they find fashion, fun and friendship - together!

Yasmina Perera's besties say she has a special touch with happy snaps - and her dream is to work as a professional photographer. When her holiday project wins her a place at art camp, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. Even her strict parents are proud of her - but not so pleased when she sneaks out at night with her friend Zooey to see a fashion show. To make up for her mistake, Yasmina volunteers with the kids at the local hospital, and finds unexpected inspiration.

Can Yasmina turn a bad idea into something great?

Amanda Nicholls is the current editor of Total Girl magazine. She is a journalist by trade, but has loved writing the stories in the Totally Stylin' series. Amanda grew up in Penrith and was constantly getting into trouble for talking too much. Her husband says her most annoying trait is still telling extremely long-winded stories.

Totally Stylin' 4 Fashion Snaps
Allen and Unwin
Author: Amanda Nicholls
ISBN: 9781742372525
Price: $9.99