Everything I Learned, I Learned from TV

Everything I Learned, I Learned from TV

Author Mark Rowlands

Who would you rather have as a philosophy teacher? Socrates or Home Simpson?

'Everything I Know I Learned from TV' uses our favourite TV shows to explain the great questions of philosophy as they affect our lives. The only qualifications you need to join in are a sofa, a sense of humour and an enquiring mind.

How do you define what is a good life to lead?
Homer Simpson and family disagree over the right way to live with nietzsche and Epicurus on hand to take sides.

What does it mean to have responsibilities?
Buffy attempts to stake David Hume and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Where does love end and friendship begin?
Plato, Aristotle and Schopenhauer try to help Ros and Rachel work out which Friends make the best lovers.

Answer these and other life-changing questions with the help of Tony Soprano, Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, Niles and Frasier Crane, 24's Jack Bauer and Jerry Seinfield.

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