Eye of the Moon

Eye of the Moon

I stood transfixed. As I stared into those hery eyes, I felt I was invoking her anger. Standing waiting for her deadly bite. I clasped my arms across my chest and held my hands to my throat for protection.

The beautiful Queen Tiy of Egypt has died. Now there is a plot to murder her eldest son, Tuthmosis, and steal his throne. Isikara has no choice but to help save him. On the run with the young prince, she travels to Nubia in search of allies to return him to his rightful throne.

Their journey takes the two teenagers along the Nile, across the desert and through bustling bazaars, accompanied by an exotic slave dancer, as they fight to stay one step ahead of their pursuers: the High Priest who wish to silence them.

But danger and deather are all around. Who can they trust - an d where will their adventure lead them?

Eye of the Moon
Simon & Schuster
Author: Dianne Hofmeyr
ISBN: 9781416910688
RRP: $16.95