Fren-e-my (fren-e-me) n. pl. fren-e-mies. An enemy disguised as a friend; a partner who is simultaneously a competitor.

Fake-tas-tic (fak-tas-tik) adj. Having a false of misleading appearance but having a superb time doing it.

For Avalon, keeping up with trends has never been a problem- until her fellow cheerleaders decide that her BFF Hailey is definitely out this season. Now Avalon must choose between the frenemy who embarrassed her in front of everyone and the new friends who stood by her.

Hailey, on the other hand, thinks she's got it all: her forever-friend Avalon, her new bestie Sofee, and the hottest wardrobe at Seaview Middle School. Things are finally back on track. But when Sofee spies Avalon flirting with Hailey's crush, will it be World War Halvalon all over again?

  • 11+ chick lit for tweens
  • The sequel to Frenemies

    Alexa Young lives in the Los Angeles area of the US and describes herself as a novelist, journalist, wife and mum, among other things. Until she started work on her tween lit series, she mostly worked on non-fiction projects.

    Her first novel, Frenemies, is based on the way things were for her growing up, when she left her South Californian friends and spent a few months at her family's 'summer home' on Cape Cod. The second book in the series is Faketastic!

    Random House Australia
    Author: Alexa Young
    ISBN: 9781741664133
    Price: $17.95

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