Fashionista Files

Fashionista Files

By: Melissa De La Cruz & Karen Robinovitz

A fashionista is a girl who always looks current and cutting edge, even when her clothes are vitnage 1975. A fashionista is as comfortable in Kmart as she is in Chanel. She can make a halter top from a t-shirt, guess what the stars will be wearing to the Oscars and mix cheap basics with high fashion.

She's a clothing chameleon; a sharp tweed suit and ladylike driving gloves one moment, a punk rock T-shirt and studded belt the next. She's a gypsy, a princess and a diva. She's fashion-forward, shopping addicted, and full of fun. And you can be her, no matter what your size, style or budget with the help of 'The Fashionista Files'.

A fun and sassy guide for your inner fashionista. ' The Fashionista Files' will show you how to:

  • Fill your wardrobe with fashion must haves
  • Create new clothes using the fashion mistakes that are hiding in the back of your closet.
  • Perfect your beauty grooming techniques (along with tips on how to survive the Brazilian)
  • Talk the fashionista language fluently
  • Shop like a professional (in high heels of course)
  • Score big with chic and cheap finds at op shops, vintage stores and discount designer outlets.
  • Manage your finances and live like a socialite on a shoestring budget

    Melissa De La Cruz and Karen Robinovitz are fashionistas who share a love for impractical shoes and small dogs that fit in designer handbags. They eat, sleep and breathe fashion.

    Fun, Fashionable & Fantastic, Fashionista Files is a great companion for anyone who loves fashion and would like to update their wardrobe.


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