Fearless - Julia Holden

Fearless - Julia Holden

Don't let the fear of crime rule your life.
Read this book and learn how not to be a victim.

Want to know how:

  • To protect yourself using your car keys
  • To tell a guy who's bothering you at the bar to get lost
  • To stop an assailant dead in his tracks - with words or self defence
  • To make it safe to shop online
  • To plan your escape from a violent relationship
  • To plan & avoid sexual assault

    Women aged 15 to 24 are the most likely people in Australia to be victims of crime. With sexual assault, drink spiking and theft on the increase, FEARLESS offers simple strategies to prevent crimes happening to you or your loved ones.

    Julia Holden shares the safety secrets she learned working as a police officer for 22 years. She believes that women don't have to be stronger than their attackers - just smarter. And she gets specific about how to handle harassment on public transport, how to stop an assailant dead in his tracks, when to report a creepy co-worker, how to secure your home, how to teach your children the safety skills they need to protect themselves from sexual abuse, how to prevent your children being targeted by paedophiles via the Internet and how to plan your escape from a violent relationship. Consider the statistics:
    * 800,000 Australians were victims of at least one robbery or assault last year.
    * One in three burglaries occurs while the victim is at home, burglars often entering through unlocked doors.
    * Three in four car thefts are 'opportunistic' due to people leaving their doors unlocked or keys in the ignition.
    * Five Australians a day are sexually assaulted after having their drink spiked.
    * One in four women experiences at least one instance of domestic violence.

    As Julia Holden puts it: 'No-one appears to be teaching women about modern day personal safety strategies yet there have been big increases in crimes such as sexual assault, stalking and drink spiking. I strongly believe there should be more education about the options for women. This new approach will change the way women deal with their safety and the safety of their families.'

    Fearless shows readers simple personal safety strategies and techniques that can be applied to everyday circumstances by women of different ages, shapes, sizes and abilities, helping them to learn practical skills so they do not become another crime statistic.

    Holden stresses that women do not have to be stronger than their attackers, just smarter. Times have changed greatly and we need to adapt our thinking, reaction and response to offences that have the possibility to affect many of us today. It is important to remember that we can not control all the things that happen to us in life, but we can learn to control our response to them.

    Fearless is a must-read, with sexual assault, drink spiking and theft on the increase, this book tells the simple strategies women can use to prevent these crimes happening to them and their loved ones.

    Fearless Review:
    An insightful read into safe-guarding oneself against harmful situations. I'd recommend adding this to the school curriculum

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