Fast and Easy Way to Learn a Language

Fast and Easy Way to Learn a Language

How many times have you thought about leaning a language in the evenings, or bought language packs that sit on your bookshelf gathering dust? Who has the time anyway? It's impossible to learn enough Spanish to get you around Mexico a month before your trip isn't it?

Bill Handley, bestselling author and teacher believes that learning languages is easy, if you take the right approach. And he should know, he taught himself to speak and understand 15 languages.

Whether you have always wanted to learn another language or are looking to pick up some basic phrases for an upcoming holiday or business trip. 'Fast Easy Way to Learn a Language' will show you how to:

  • Decide which language to learn
  • Choose the best tools to help your learning
  • Set realistic short-term learning goals and plot your own development
  • Learn new alphabets and letters
  • Read foreign texts
  • Understand and remember basic grammar
  • Learn useful memory techniques for retaining vocabulary

    Handley believes that undertaking the methods in this book for only 30 minutes a day will see you making good progress within a month. And the fact that 20% of words in a language make up 80% of conversations and writing means that within, you'll be ready to tackle that trip to Mexico. You might not be speaking like a native, but you'll have a solid base that will keep improving through your journey.

    Suitable for everyone from frequent travellers to first timers, as well as language students and enthusiasts, 'Fast Easy Way to Learn a Language' will not only make learning a language easier, it will make it so much fun you'll want to learn more!

    In this book he explains:

  • How to have fun building your vocabulary in record time
  • The easy way to come to grips with grammar
  • Why you should use more than one textbook
  • How to use your 'lost time' to learn faster
  • What to do when you feel like giving up
  • How to write your own 'survival skills' course

    The book explores the active and passive learning, mastering a different alphabet, using recorded material, planning your own immersion program, using the internet effectively and much more. It includes special advice to school and university students.

    Fast and Easy Way to Learn a Language
    John Wiley & Sons Australia
    Author: Bill Handley
    ISBN: 0731 403 355
    RRP: $19.95

    Bill Handley is the bestselling author 'Speed Mathematics' and 'Speed Maths for Kids'. His fun and easy revolutionary maths strategies have helped children all over the world gain confidence and competence in mathematics.

    Now he shares his fast and easy approach to another area he is passionate about - foreign languages.

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