Late Night Talking

Late Night Talking

From Leslie Schnur, the acclaimed author of The Dog Walker, comes a new novel about Jeannie Sterling, New York City late-night talk show host extraordinaire.

Jeannie thinks the world could be a better place, if only people weren't so irritating! Every night from 12:00 to 4:00am, she and her listeners vent about the everyday injustices - from rude cell phone users to poor commuter etiquette - on her radio show, Sterling Behaviour.

A California girl raise by two free-spirited parents, Jeannie believes in a life of value through activism. But after all these years of being single, she's starting to notice that her life isn't quite what she thought it would be. An unexpected visit from her father and an ambiguous relationship with her college crush start to make her life feel out of control. And Jeannie doesn't like being out of control.

When the radio station is bought by the dangerously attractive New York mogul Nicholas Moss, it's almost as if Jeannie's career, her one safe haven, starts driving itself. And despite the fact that she's already called Moss a turkey and a pig, she can't stop herself from daydreaming.... And fantasizing about the possibilities.

Snappy and sensitive, Late Night Talking is the perfect holiday read and its protagonist the perfect sassy heroine to bring us a maybe happy, most definitely hilarious ending.

Late Night Talking
Simon & Schuster
Author: Leslie Schnur
ISBN: 9781416522393
RRP: $19.95