Fifteen Love

Fifteen Love

Fifteen Love

What do a girl with a viola and a boy with a tennis racquet have in common...?

Mia doesn't have any time for boys. They are immature and only ever talk and think about cars, sports and sex. Plus having a boyfriend means going places you don't want to go and doing things you don't want to do like sucking toes and jumping out of airplanes.

Will, on the other hand can't stop thinking about Mia. The only problem is most days she is like a maximum-security prison, guarded by her two warders, Renata and Vanessa. And if eh did manage to speak to her, what would they talk about? What do girls ever talk about?

Book 15 in the Girlfriend Fiction series is a sweet, funny romantic comedy about an up-and-down, girl-meets-boy relationship. Girlfriend Fiction: fall in love with something real.

Fifteen Love is a hilarious and touching story which tells the truth about the up-and-down, on-again-off again and hit-or-miss nature of boy-girl relationships. Exploring the differences between the sexes and the tricky territory of flirting, friendship, family and romance- this is essential reading fro any teenager who is falling in love.

R.M. Corbet has worked with street kids in inner Melbourne, played guitar in a reggae band, taught literacy at three TAFE colleges and worked in bookshops. His other books with Allen and Unwin are The Passenger Seat and Shelf Life.

Fifteen Love
Allen and Unwin
Author: R.M. Corbet
ISBN: 9781742370156
Price: $14.99