Gaudion It Ain't Mine

Gaudion It Ain't Mine

Fresh on the Australian music scene Gaudion hasannounced yet another new single It Ain't Mine. An alt-folk / alt-pop gem which was written by the artist in a time of deep search for hope and happiness, out now. The song embeds an incredible contrast of lyrics and melody creating such a beautiful, energetic and easy listening track. Along side the track, the artist, with the help from some close friends, has began to generate ideas around a foundation where the main objective is to "see more people smiling"

It Ain't Mine is one for the radio lovers and fans of Australian pop / folk songwriting. Reminiscent of international artists Ed Sheeran and Dean Lewis, It Ain't Mine would be the track at the top of every road trip playlist, the kind of song that car stereos couldn't be loud enough for. Catchy and heartwarming, this song features an abundance of organic sounds with Gaudion's beautiful vocal performance cutting right through. The tracks true meaning is obviously one close to Gaudion's heart, as he explains, "It Aint Mine is such a meaningful track towards who i'm trying to portray myself as in life. My main aim through this song is to see people smiling, enjoying life, having fun and doing things differently."

'Will You Smile' is not yet a registered foundation as it is being built from the ground up, however the aim is to be helping people within the first year of it operating. When explaining, 'helping people' this is done through conducting activities in which spread the awareness of smiling, saying a simple hello and acknowledgement of people you don't know. The aim with this project is for it to be as simple as possible and to generate a buzz around times and places where people can enjoy the simple things in life.

On a more personal note, Gaudion has found himself back busking and performing again following the easement of Covid-19 restrictions. The artist has been excited to be sharing his new music and is very excited for a year jam packed with releases, shows and busking.