Happy For No Reason

Happy For No Reason

Open a magazine or a newspaper, turn on the television or radio, and you're sure to find an article, advertisement or talk show, telling you how to be happy. Except that Australian doctors wrote more than 12 million prescriptions for antidepressants in 2005-2006 and recent medical trails for antidepressant drugs found that they worked no better than a placebo in treating depression.

Inspired by her own desire to be happy, author Marci Shimoff spent decades researching the science of happiness and interviewing scores of experts including one very special group she calls the Happy 100- one hundred people from all walks of life who are deeply and unconditionally happy. What she found was that happiness wasn't an abstract emotion but a physiological state that can be measured and experiences in our everyday lives.

In her interviews with the Happy 100, Shimoff found that happy people ive their lives differently to unhappy people. For example, they all seemed to live by three principles she calls The Guiding Three

  • What expands you makes you happier (The Law of Expansion)
  • The universe is out to support you (The Law of Universal Support)
  • What you appreciate, appreciates (The Law of Attraction)

    Recent studies in the field of positive psychology show that we all have a happiness set-point that is approximately 50% genetic and 50% learned. If you don't work on it you'll tend to default to your set level of happiness but if you really want to reprogram your happiness set-point to a higher level of peace and well-being you can. And it's not as hard as you think!

    Interspersed with these exercises are inspiring stories from the Happy 100 you'll hear from people who overcame loss and adversity to emerge happier and healthier, including: a mother who faced her son's killer with a compassionate heart and found grace in the power of forgiveness; Goldie Hawn, who shares the power of connecting with spirit and Elizabeth Gilbert, the best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love, who found happiness through listening to her inner wisdom.

    Marci ShimoffIs the female face of the biggest self-help book phenomenon in history, the Chicken Soup series, having co-authored six of the titles. A celebrated transformational leader and motivational expert, she regularly delivers key-note speeches on self-esteem and peak performance. She features in the international book and DVD phenomenon, The Secret, and she lives in California.

    Happy For No Reason
    Simon and Schuster
    Author: Marcy Shimoff
    ISBN: 9781847370877
    Price: $29.95

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