Vox, The Edge Chronicles - Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell

Vox, The Edge Chronicles - Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell

Book six in the bestselling Edge Chronicles - a dramatic and exuberant fantasy-adventure filled with imaginative characters and illustrated with exquisite detail.

Far, far away, jutting out into the emptiness beyond, like the figurehead of a mighty stone ship, is the Edge. The Edgewater river pours endlessly over the lip of rock at its overhanging point and down into the void below. Home of micro-worlds, creatures, tribes and thousands of stories: The Edge Chronicles are just a few of the many that have passed down through the generations.

A second title to feature young librarian knight Rook as he and his co-rebels combine forces to challenge the dark might of the Guardians of the Night who are taking more and more of the power in the Edgeworld. The oily Vox, once Most High Academe and now a puppet ruler in New Sanctaphrax, becomes the focus in this new dramatic and thrilling adventure, illustrated throughout with marvellously imaginative black and white illustrations.

Deliciously humorous, Edgewood's depth of characters and creativity is accompanied by some cleverly detailed line drawings.