Heavens Above Ancient Sayings for Modern Life

Heavens Above Ancient Sayings for Modern Life

The great religions of the world are not all that different. At their core they teach us how to live good and meaningful lives based on simple, enduring principles such as love, respect and humanity.

Heaven's Above by award winning journalist Kendall Hill is a celebration of these principles, offering them as inspiration and consolation for everyday living.

A gorgeous collection of meaningful quotes from all religions, this is a book about how to be a better person, but also about how we are really all one people - "a single nation" as the Qur'an says.

Kendall Hill is a journalist who until 2006 was deputy editor of Good Weekend magazine. He has worked as a newspaper journalist since 1990 in various reporting and editing positions, including four years as the Sydney Morning Herald's travel editor. Kendall is also the author of the bestselling recipe book Coast (Penguin). He now works mainly as a travel writer.

Heavens Above
Hardie Grant Books
Author: Kendall Hill
ISBN: 9781740665797
RRP: $19.95