Twenty Times a Lady

Twenty Times a Lady

What's your number? no, not your phone number. Your number. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Nope, wrong again. Not your age. Not your salary either. Your 'number', silly. Do I have to spell it out for you? How many men have you... you know... done it with?

When Delilah wakes up one morning in a bed that's not her own, she experiences the biggest regret of her life. Not only did she have drunken sex with her disgusting former boss Roger (who fired her the day before) but in doing so she hit her self-imposed 'number limit'; she's had sex with twenty men. The one spot she had left was supposed to be saved for the man she would marry. Refusing to give up on her number limit, , she goes and tracks down all the men she's ever slept with. Somewhere amongst them must be The Man, only she didn't realise it at the time...

She embarks on her stalker-like search amongst the twenty former lovers, which involves walking the dog (first having to buy a dog, of course), enrolling in a cookery course, joining a gym, visiting a jail (he gets out in a month - it was worth a shot) and even checking into rehab. And in the end, of course, Delilah comes to realise that numbers don't matter and that true love comes when you're open and ready for it.

"I'm Delilah Darling, Just an average girl. or so I'd thought...."

"Everyone lies about the number of partners they've had. I'll admit I'm just as guilty as the next person:

  • Every boyfriend thinks my number is about four (yes - including themselves)
  • My gynaecologist thinks it's closer to seven (all done with protection, of course)
  • My mum - though I prefer not to talk about sex with her - thinks it's somewhere around two)
  • Even my best friend thinks I've slept with fewer men than I have, because no one - repeat no one - tells their best friend everything....

    But I was getting a little self-conscious about my number so I decided that twenty would be the limit. No more. Not ever."

    KARYN BOSNAK achieved worldwide notoriety when she found herself hopelessly in credit card debt and started up her own website,, to ask people for money. Her story, SAVE KARYN, has been published throughout the world and is on the fast-track for production as a major feature film by Sony Pictures.
    Born and raised in Chicago, Karyn now lives in Brooklyn, New York. This is her first novel.

    Random House Australia
    Author: Karyn Bosnak
    ISBN: 0552153737 / 9780552153737
    RRP: $23.95


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