Henrietta Gets a Letter

Henrietta Gets a Letter

A fabulous new Henrietta story in attractive paperback format. When Henrietta sets a trap for 'something' under her bed, she finds a teeny tiny person with wings. It's Mabel May Hissop, a fairy with boyfriend trouble. With Mabel's special silver key and an invitation to the Big Bunch of Small Creatures Ball, Henrietta opens the door to a very sparkly adventure.

'I'm Henrietta and there's a strange and ominous scuffling noise under my bed. I can tell it's not a crocodile and I'm sure it's not a rhino and it absolutely can't be a monster because monsters lurk in dark misty lakes, not under beds . . . So who could it be? One thing I do know is it's time to make some discoveries . . .'

When Henrietta finds Mabel May Hissop sleeping in her sock, she discovers not only a small fairy with a big problem, but also a big way to explore the small things in life. . .

The Henrietta books are full of funny thoughts and adventures. And they are perfect for young children and anyone else with a curly imagination.

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Henrietta gets a letter

About Martine Murray
Martine Murray was born in Melbourne, and still lives there. She has studied acrobatics, dance, yoga and writing. In addition to her Henrietta books, she has written two picture books, illustrated one, and written three novels that have sold extensively overseas.

Henrietta Gets a Letter
Allen & Unwin
Author: Martine Murray
ISBN: 9781741754513
RRP: $13.95