Henrietta the Great Go-Getter

Henrietta the Great Go-Getter

Funky, charming and full of adventure, this story about the inimitable Henrietta is perfect for young children and anyone else with a curly imagination. In an appealing small hardback format, illustrated throughout.

Hello everybody, it's me, Henrietta (future Queen of the Wide Wide Long Cool Coast of the Lost Socks), and my brother Albert, who dribbles and dribbles (but he can't help it), and my best friend Olive Higgie (who has been known to eat pickles). And we've got an EMERGENCY DILEMMA to attend to. We absolutely have to find a home for the Rietta because it's lost and its spots are fading

Her first book, Henrietta there's no one better, was a hoot! Now it's bathtime and Henrietta is off on a new adventure.

Martine Murray was born in Melbourne, and still lives there. She has studied acrobatics, dance, yoga and writing. In addition to her two Henrietta books, she has written two picture books, illustrated one, and written three novels that have sold extensively overseas.

Henrietta the Great Go Getter
Allen & Unwin
Author: Martine Murray
Illustrator: Martine Murray
ISBN: 9781741149296
RRP: $19.95