Warm up your voice for High School Musical The Concert

Warm up your voice for High School Musical The Concert

Ever wondered why your P.E. teacher makes you warm up before playing sport? You should always warm up for sport to prevent pulling muscles or straining yourself. Well, the same is true when you sing. So next time you want to hit the high notes just like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, make sure you warm up first with these easy vocal exercises!
Danielle Soccio of the Pure Music Singing School says that the warm up is just like stretching your muscles, "it can decrease injury and increase performance!"

Before singing, stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees loose and shoulders back. Start by deeply breathing in and out. Your stomach area should move outwards on a deep breath in, and inwards on a breath out.

Many singers like to start their warm up by humming. Take a deep breath in and hum one note until you run out of breath. Channel Corbin Bleu who can sing and dance at the same time without ever getting short of breath!

Repeat this exercise this time by singing different notes and vowels such as 'ooh', 'ah' and 'ee'. Danielle says that warming up your voice in a group can make the warm up more fun and can help build adrenaline for your performance. So, try this exercise with your friends and see who can last the longest!

Next, slowly sing "me, may, mah, moh, moo" all on the same note. Repeat these sounds going up the scale note by note. Only go as high as comfortable then go back down the scale.

Now, try going up the scale just like the High School Musical stars do before taking the stage. "Start slowly and work your way into longer, stronger sounds," says Danielle. "Start on 'ee' or 'oo' vowels and then move into the more open vowels such as 'ah eh oh'."

Lastly, move your mouth around making funny faces to warm up your lips and jaw. You will look pretty funny but will sound great!

Danielle says to remember to "relax, have fun and remember why you love to sing!" Now you are ready to sing your own High School Musical Concert!

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In the Concert Countdown follow your favourite High School Musical stars in the 24 hours leading up to the concert with exclusive tours of the cast dressing rooms and real-life tour bus. Watch Disney pop sensation Jordan Pruitt open the show as she performs her hit songs and be the first to catch a sneak peek preview of High School Musical 2!

Follow this checklist to ensure you sing like a High School Musical star!

  • Stand up straight - you will never see Vanessa Hudgens slouch when she's wowing the crowd!

  • Start soft then get loud - you don't start with a sprint when warming up before sport, singing is no different. Build up as you go.

  • Smile! Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu and the gang smile when they sing - not only are they having fun, but it's easier to hit those high notes when your cheeks are lifted.

  • Most importantly, have fun!

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