Holly Would Dream

Holly Would Dream

Embedded with more than 125 hidden and not-so-hidden references to the movies of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, Holly Would Dream is the ultimate romantic fashion caper- even boasting chapter titles named after songs from the mid-century! Women's hearts are sure to flutter when they learn of fashion historian Holly Ross's access to covetable designer gear- how else could she be wearing Jimmy Choos worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the episode where Carrie tells Big she loves him and he then givers her an ugly Judith Leiber bag?

Holly is the kind of girl who keeps an Audrey Hepburn movie always loaded in her DVD player, knows that Elsa Schiaparelli didn't do her first collection until the age of 29, the year of the Great Depression, and who gives away edible undies to ensure an audience turns up at her talk bout underwear through the ages. She yearns for her own happy ending, a la the romantic comedies of the 1950s, and as she is soon-to-be-married and there is an upcoming job promotion, such an ending seems to be ensured. Yet in a single day, she finds herself homeless, jobless, penniless and fiancé-less. Why is she then soon cruising on the ridiculously expensive Tiffany Star, in pursuit of a dashing property tycoon? And how could she have possibly lost a suitcase of priceless Audrey Hepburn gowns and what is she going to do about it? Actress heather Graham was spot on when she described Holly Would Dream as 'funny, romantic and absolutely charming like the classic Audrey Hepburn movies of the 1950s'. Cross my heart and kiss my elbow, Holly's stylish and amorous adventure is sure to delight fashion addicts and Audrey Hepburn enthusiasts alike.

Karen Quinn:After losing a big corporate job, Karen Quinn helped found Smart City Kids, a New York-based company to assist families to survive the application process to Manhattan's most competitive public and private schools. Now a full-time writer, the movie version of her bestselling novel, The Ivy Chronicles, is currently in development with Warner Bros. and will star Catherine Zeta-Jones. Holly Would Dream is her third novel, preceded by Wife in the Fast lane. Karen lives in New York.

Holly Would Dream
Simon and Schuster Australia
Author: Karen Quinn
ISBN: 9781416527657
Price: $19.95

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