The slightly bruised glory of Cedar B. Hartley

The slightly bruised glory of Cedar B. Hartley

The second funny, touching chapter in the life of Cedar B. Hartley, who plans to be infamous. Cedar's world turns upside down when her almost-boyfriend, Kite, moves to Albury to join a professional circus.

Once I was a skinny redhead with a dog called Stinky and a lot of things to find out. Then I met Kite. Kite showed me how to be an acrobat, and I showed him some stuff too. Because I'm always having ideas. I can't help it. Like it was my idea to make a circus with all the others, but, to tell you the truth, I don't know whose idea the kiss was. Some things just happen. Some things are glorious and make you feel like you might just fall in love and some things are terrible, like what happened at the rehearsal. Kite looked at me and I knew a terrible terrible thing was about to happen. I'd better tell you the whole story

Cedar B. Hartley - the original, irrepressible, and potentially infamous - is pulled between a glamorous high-flying dream and her own circus of friends, in this funny, wise, exhilarating story.

Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Cedar B. Hartley
Category: Children & Teenagers
ISBN: 1741147115
RRP $15.95

Martine Murray is a young author/ illustrator. Born in Melbourne, she has travelled widely and now lives in Thornbury. She says she has "been a student for much longer than one should be", studying painting at the Victorian College of the Arts, filmmaking, dance and dance therapy, and writing. She teaches yoga and circus skills, makes dance theatre and writes stories. She likes dancing, walking and hanging upside-down on things.