Horse Mad Whispers

Horse Mad Whispers

Horse Mad Whispers

Ash recovers from her accident and discovers natural horsemanship (horse whispering). In doing so, she learns to understand not only Lightning (the horse she was so badly injured by) but horses in general.

Meanwhile, Ash is up against a nasty cyber bully, and the anti-horse campaign at Linley is growing. Ash must speak out for Lightning at a meeting to save him from destruction. Overcoming her fear of riding, she finishes the term triumphantly moving to Level A. It looks like her scholarship is finally secure.

But her friend Becky is desperate for help - the land that Shady Creek Riding Club uses has been earmarked for development and lots of the boys have quit horses for football. Ash, Becky and Pree come up with a brilliant plan - starting a polocrosse club and kicking off a regional competition. Will it be enough to save Shady Creek Riding Club?

Kathy Helidoniotis was born and grew up in Sydney. She originally trained as a high school teacher of English and History. Her first novel Totally Horse Mad was published in 2006. It will be followed by the soon to be released Horse Mad Summer and a further three Horse Mad books. Kathy has also written books for very young children and for the education market.

Kathy cannot spend a single day without writing. Not only is it the best fun and the most rewarding job ever, she gets to spend the day being eleven years old all over again and can wear whatever she likes to work. Kathy lives in Sydney with her husband and three children.

Horse Mad Whispers
Harper Collins
Author: Kathy Helidoniotis
Ages: 10 - 14
ISBN: 9780732289997
RRP: $14.99