Evil Genius

Evil Genius

With a plot that twists and turns, super-villains in training, and a child prodigy as hero, this comic-book-style novel in prose is a darkly brilliant page-turner exploring the fine line between good and evil.

Cadel Piggott is a seven-year-old genius with a knack for systems. He can do just about anything: disable home security systems, hack into government databases and commit credit card fraud. But when he gets in trouble with the police his parents are forced to take him to a therapist, Dr Thaddeus Roth.

But Thaddeus is not who he seems and introduces the young Cadel to a world of genetically enhanced misfits who are determined to take over the world. It is only when Cadel meets Sonja, a disabled girl with a powerful mind that can match only his, that his emotions start to catch up with his intellect. But is it too late? Will the forces of evil subsume even this super-intelligent genius, as his whole world proves to be a house of cards?

At seven, Cadel Piggott was hacking into computer networks.

At eight, he was orchestrating traffic jams.

At twelve, he was sabotaging construction sites.

Now, at fourteen, he's studying for his World Domination degree.

The trouble is, he's finding it hard to live up to his father's expectations.

Evil Genius explores the fine line between good and evil in a strange world of manipulation and subterfuge.

About the Author:
Born Brisbane, 1963, grew up in Sydney and Papua New Guinea, became a writer because she loves reading, also loves history, films, TV, gossip. BA (Hons) in medieval history. Married to Canadian, one daughter, Hannah (6). Writes whenever she gets a moment, could write for eight hours straight if she had the chance.

Lives in the Blue Mountains in NSW; lived in Canada for 18 months. Asthmatic. Gets her ideas from everywhere, particularly good science fiction films (ie. Matrix, Terminator, Star Trek, First Contact).Author of many award-winning, popular books for children and adults.

Evil Genius
Allen & Unwin
Catherine Jinks
ISBN: 1741144590
RRP: $16.95