How To Be Famous

How To Be Famous

How To Be Famous

Our Guide to Looking the part, Playing the press, and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture.

How to go from nobody to notorious - from the ubiquitous and controversial stars of the hit reality TV show on Foxtel 'The Hills'.

"Into the breach between supply and demand stepped Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, the villainous couple from (cable's most popular) doc-soap... Creatures of the game in every way, they have mastered the new realities of celebrity culture." - Los Angeles Times.

When Spencer Pratt swept serious co-star Heidi Montag off her feet on the first season of MTV's hit reality show 'The Hills', the couple wasted no time in fusing their identities, just like celebrity ultra-duos 'Tomkat' and 'Brangelina', to become 'Speidi'. Since then, this power couple has been consistently serving up fodder for all the major tabloids and gossip blogs by feuding with their co-stars, not-so-secretly eloping to Mexico against their parents' wishes, and generally being outrageous!

Whether you're one of the many millions who loves - or loves to hate- Heidi and Spencer, you've got to hand it to this couple: they're a lean, mean publicity machine.Now, they reveal their outrageous, yet highly effective secrets to success, while poking fun at themselves along the way! Invaluable and hilarious lessons include: The Paparazzi Are Your Friends, Spencer's Guide to Playing the Villain, Become A Brand, How To Say 'I Hate You' Without Opening Your Mouth, The Benefits of Plastic Surgery, Selling Your Wedding Photos, and much, much more.

'The truth is that whether you love us, hate us, or love to hate us, there IS a recipe for infiltrating Hollywood, and we've got it' - Speidi.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Young, tanned, blond, ambitious and savvy enough to know how to cause the right trouble in the right place at the right time, MTV 'The Hills' stars Heidi and Spencer are famous for being famous for being famous

How To Be Famous
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