Into The Blue

Into The Blue

Natalie has just quit Uni after only four days. Bored out of her mind she's looking for her elusive ideal career. A joke about the appeal of the police force becomes a stubborn quest to prove herself after a friend implies she doesn't have the skill, or the nerve. Natalie secretly applies to join the force and surprises everyone, including herself, when she's accepted into recruit training.

But training is a horrible shock to her body and mind. Nothing could have prepared Natalie for the aching bones and sleepless nights. And after graduation, the realities of policing hit Natalie hard. A traumatic case, an attraction to a co-worker and a bad week forces Natalie to rethink her future in the police force.

'Into the Blue' is a realistic, gritty and sometimes humorous look at modern police training and work requirements, based on the realities of the Victoria Police force. It is the story of a young woman adapting to the demands of career, family and friends.

Catherine Pattico joined the police force in 1997 at the age of twenty. She has worked at metropolitan police stations in Melbourne, as well as with the Behavioral Analysis Unit and Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Unit. 'Into the Blue' is based on Catherine's own early experiences in the Victorian Police Force. She is currently a Leading Senior Constable at Moorabbin Police Station, working closely with recently graduated police officers. 'Into the Blue' is her first novel.

Into The Blue
Lothian Books
Author: Catherine Prattico
ISBN: 0734408544
RRP: $17.95