Is Your Online Payment Secure?

Is Your Online Payment Secure?

How to Know If Your Online Payment Is Secure?

Making an online payment is the new norm today. You can buy anything you want and pay via an online platform. There are many payment platforms, and you can choose any based on your needs and preferences.

Why Security Matters in Online Payments
Today, online scammers continue to devise creative ways to hack systems and divert transactions. That is why it is best to ensure whatever platform you use to pay or receive payment has additional security measures.

Steps for Secure Online Transaction

Use a trusted internet connect
Thieves can easily hack public Wi-Fi. In this case, you should avoid using a shared connection. Instead, use a private connection. Using Wi-Fi means you are sharing the internet with many other people, exposing sensitive information to online hackers. However, if you must use a shared network, ensure you use a virtual private network to make your transaction more secure.

Log in to a trusted website
When you plan to send money online, you will need to log in to a site to process the transaction. However, not every site is secure. Before you log in to any site, consider checking its reputation.

Verify if the site is safe by checking in the browser for an unbroken key or closed lock. This shows that your data will be safe when you use the website to process a transaction.

Also, check for advanced security features on the website to ensure your information will not leak and hand in the wrong hands.

Use a private computer
The device you log in needs to be private. Using a public computer in a cyber or a borrowed one from a friend can be risky. You might leave the information open after processing the transaction, and this can be an easy way for hackers to access the information.

Even if you do not leave the information open, a hacker can easily access a public device, tweak the computer software or hardware and manipulate your data. So, always ensure you use a personal and trusted computer.

Check the privacy information
Once you login a website, check the privacy statement and see if it protects customer's information. Take some time to read the entire privacy statement and determine if it provides clients safety when sending money online. Ensure you get comfortable with the company's privacy practices before you proceed with the online transaction.

Use credit over debit cards
Consider using a credit card instead of a debit card because it offers more protection. A debit card is linked to your bank account, and it can be misused, unlike a credit card.

If a payment platform only accepts debit cards, that could be a warning sign, and you need to trade carefully. Using a credit card can save you many losses when transacting on a new website or company.

The Bottom Line
When transacting online, look out for any suspicious activities. If you notice or suspect that your credit card has been manipulated, you should immediately report it to your bank. If not, you can lose money and confidential information.



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