Staying on a budget

  • Now You Can Have Fun & Stay On Budget Too!
    It's easy to get stuck in a rut doing the same old things all the time. With a little imagination there's something different to do, whatever your budget.

  • Cost: Under $10.00
    Good things don't always come to those who wait! Call that guy you've fancied for ages. You've nothing to lose!
    Without dreams we have nothing. Get some travel brochures and plan your fantasy holiday.
    For good karma, adopt a native animal. Many animal shelters rely on the kindness of volunteers to care for orphaned or injured animals until they're well enough to be released into the wild.

    Have a girl's night in with daggy music, facials, manicures, gossip and a good laugh. All you'll need are pizzas and a cute delivery guy!

  • Cost: Under $20.00
    Have a picnic at your local sunset cinema, catching a film classic (such as Saturday Night Fever) under the stars.
    Try karaoke. It's a good laugh and you could gather bribe material from your friend's performances. Take a camera for evidence!
    Be a Charlie's Angel and learn martial arts, clear your mind with yoga, or shake your bon bon a-la Jennifer Lopez with Latin dance lessons.

    Watch local bands. You may discover the next big thing!

  • Cost: Under $50.00
    Have a girl's night out, dining at a swanky restaurant - it's a good excuse to get dressed up!
    Get a new hobby - try jewellery making, a language or perhaps painting?
    Give Ella Hooper or Britney Spears a run for their money and have singing lessons. You could start the next kick ass girlpower band!

  • Cost: Over $50.00
    Be a beach babe and learn to surf. If professional lessons are out of your price range, ask a spunky surfie on the beach to give you lessons.
    Got dreams of being the next Katie Holmes or Kirsten Dunst? Take drama classes, sign up with a talent agency and you might get a big break!

    Variety is the spice of life, so be open to new challenges and experiences. You could surprise yourself by making new friends or finding a hidden talent. Carpe Diem (seize the day)!

- Rachael


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