Juno of Taris

Juno of Taris

Juno wants the truth . . . but her questions bring danger

'Don't give up. Don't let them kill your spirit. Things will change. You need to be strong. You need to be ready. And you will need courage.'

Juno is young; she has no authority, no power, and to question the ways of Taris is discouraged. She knows what it's like when the community withdraws from her - turning their backs and not speaking to her until she complies.

The Taris Project was the brainchild of a desperate twenty-first-century world, a community designed to survive even if the rest of humanity perished. An isolated, storm-buffeted island in the Southern Ocean was given a protective dome and its own balmy climate. And now Juno is one of 500 people who live there - but what has happened to the outside world in the years since Taris was established? The island has not been in contact with Outside since the early years of its existence.

Juno yearns to know about life Outside, just as she yearns to be allowed to grow her hair. It is a rule on Taris that all must have their heads shaved bare. But is it a rule that could be broken? Danger awaits any who suggest it.

Fleur Beale is the author of A RESPECTABLE GIRL among many other award-winning books - she has now had 27 books published in New Zealand, with some of them also being published in the US and England.

Juno of Taris
Random House Australia
Author: Fleur Beale
ISBN: 9781741662979
RRP: $17.95