Karise Eden My Old Friend

Karise Eden My Old Friend

Celebrated Australian artist Karise Eden returns with her first new music of 2021. The self-penned single "My Old Friend" is a track which showcases her exceptional vocal and song writing skills.  It is the first track to come from a new EP set for release in early 2022.

The emotionally charged, rhythmic song starts gently, building to a mighty crescendo. It has an intensely personal feel to it, as Karise explains:

My Old Friend. There is a lot of raw, honest power in that track. It is still painful for me to sing. I'd hope that anyone who has lost someone they love, can find comfort in this song. Grief is a tricky emotion to experience but know that you are not alone. I'd hope you could listen, raise a glass and remember those we love so dearly that are no longer with us."

It has been three years since Karise released any new music, this new track book-ending with her third solo album 'Born To Fight', which was released in November 2018.

"My Old Friend" outlines subject matter that people will be able to relate to in different ways.  It's a journey of loss, acceptance, growth and ultimately coming full circle.

Karise Eden has spent the last few years working through the process of gaining freedom and independence as an artist. With her new music she can communicate directly with her fans and do things her way, in a manner which is meaningful and significant.  Welcome, "My Old Friend".