Keeping it in the Family

Keeping it in the Family

True love catches Niamh O'Flaherty by surprise . . .

With him being older and a bit of an intellectual, Pierre is the last person Niamh would expect to fall for her. But love her he does, and she in turns adores his wicked sense of humour, his unfailing strength of character and, of course, his stunning looks!

There's just one big problem . . .

If Pierre's parents - the formidable Jean and Fleur - are sniffy about their pride and joy hooking up with a girl who writes a fluffy newspaper column, Niamh's parents, Mick and Annie, are going to go ballistic when they hear that their daughter intends to marry someone who couldn't be less Irish if he tried . . .

Sinéad Moriarty is the bestselling author of four previous novels. She lives in Dublin with her husband and two sons.

Keeping it in the Family
Author: Sinéad Moriarty
ISBN: 9781844881505
RRP: $22.95