Kevens Legal Dreamers Interview

Kevens Legal Dreamers Interview

Masterfully blending two genres to create a fresh and innovative musical experience, Miami-
based music artist Kēvens releases his new single Legal Dreamers.

Kēvens is a man on a mission. In an increasingly divisive world, he is using the power of music
to bring people together. His passion for music is evident in every beat, and you'll find yourself
feeling the healing force that has kept him on his lifelong journey to be the self-proclaimed
Keeper of Dub.

Kēvens started his journey spinning records in Miami, but his musical roots were more clearly
witnessed when he joined the ground-breaking, progressive reggae group: Le Coup with
Richard and Anthony Booker. In fact, family matriarch Cedella Marley Booker told young
Kēvens very early in his musical career: 'Like a letter, you must write a song with purpose.'

Kēvens' live shows are a feast for the senses. Lush drum 'n' bass, vocal dexterity,

musicianship, progressive rock-reggae dub, stunning dance, and visual imagery combine to
create an unforgettable experience. 

Kēvens' knack for the timely and profound has enabled him to tour all over the world and find
himself alongside an eclectic array of legends and prodigies, including Steven Tyler, Ice Cube,
Tiestö, Daft Punk, Duran Duran, Carlos Santana, The Jacksons, and many more.

This global citizen coined the ultimate mantra: 'Positivity is a Necessity.'

Kēvens is a force for good in the world. His music is a message of hope, unity, and love. He
is a true Keeper of Dub, and his latest track Legal Dreamers is sure to touch your soul.


Kevens Interview


How would you describe your music?


My music is a mixture of reggae rock, dub and edm. A spiritual fusion designed to uplift the human condition.



Can you tell us about (your new song/upcoming gig/video), what was the inspiration?


"Legal Dreamers" is a song that was in my archives for years. After I caught Covid and lost my voice, I started to retrain my vocal cords and was determined to put out my best before I come back on the road again.

I saw a story online, about how a US Veteran got deported back to Mexico; I decided to do a rewrite to the song right there and then. 

Legal Dreamers is a call to action for people to come together and work towards a better future. 



What are your musical influences?


I have a wide variety of artists I listen to from childhood, starting with Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Jacques Brel, Bob Dylan, The Jacksons, The Specials, Throbbin Gristle, Aswad, Magazine, Yellowman, Toyan, Bregadier Jerry to name a few.



Do you prefer performing live or recording?


For a very longtime, going to a recording studio meant you had a nice size budget to work with. Since everything I did was with a live band, you can imagine that was always costly and a rare occasion for me. So I embraced the stage to the recording studio without any apologies. 

It was only later in my career that I decided to start working in a small studio with a programmer. A musician who played all the instruments via keyboard and a drum machine. And prices were in a different orbit. 

I was against it at first, was still missing the players of instrument, then when I realized the benefits, I quickly readjusted my way of thinking.

Now when I get into the recording studio , it's much harder to get me to come out.



What is the story behind the band name?

Kēvens is my name, given to me by my mother. As for the band, I have a selected set of musicians I get the great pleasure of working with from all over.



What motivates you most when writing music?


As a servant of The Almighty, I am here to unite people through music. The trials and tribulations of life are always all around. I pick on the subjects my spirit gravitates to and start writing.

Inspiration is my motivation.



Which music/artists are you currently listening to?


The last artist I was listening to on my iTunes was Ayo.



What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?


I didn't set out to become a professional musician, although I picked up the trombone in high school. My dream was to become a pilot. So, after high school I went to the local US Air Force enrollment spot and didn't meet the requirements. 

I was a lover of the Jamaican Sound system culture, bought a few crates of records early one from a very good friend, then started to dabble a bit around the microphone.  I decided to turn that into work. 

I started djing at weddings, bday parties and local progressive clubs.

It was through that process did I meet Anthony Booker who changed my life. I have more of that detail on the journey page via my  website.



If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?


I would love to work with Bono.



What is the biggest challenge you have faced in the music industry?


A few years ago, I performed at the White Nights of Saint Petersburg in Russia. On the second day, before my second performance, the stage manager told me I'd be going after The Jacksons, sure I said, thinking there was a band in Russia called the Jacksons. 

When I made my way to the stage, at the area you gather yourself before walking on to the spot light, I literally ran into Tito Jackson and I felt like I was dreaming. After speaking with all four of them, my band members told me, boss man!, we are supposed to follow the Jacksons?, I responded, didn't you wait a lifetime for an opportunity to shine?, I know I did and this is the moment.



What's next, for you?

I already have two followup songs lined up. Legal Dreamers is doing really good, more and more stations are playing it.. Fingers crossed, it's a summer hit. I have offers to do shows but want the song to get to more people before going back to the stage. 



Can you share your socials?


Of course, they are all connected through my website :


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