Jake Murdoch Interview

Jake Murdoch Interview

Unleashing a surge of global sound, Jake, the polyglot musical prodigy, masterfully weaves his auditory magic across multiple languages and an impressive array of 16 instruments. Not just a virtuoso instrumentalist, Jake is a versatile vocalist, delivering spine-tingling performances in eight diverse tongues.

His self-produced musical landscapes provide the perfect backdrop to his stellar vocal talents, resulting in a song catalogue boasting numerous songs including 11 single releases. This collection includes mesmerizing collaborations with Andrew Farriss, the legendary co-founder of INXS, marking a significant milestone in Jake's musical journey.

Having captivated audiences from live stages to national television, Jake has made a significant imprint on Australia's music scene. His tunes have resonated across more than 100 radio stations, solidifying his nationwide presence. This illustrious success even led to a personal invitation from Andrew Farriss, resulting in an unforgettable songwriting sojourn at the iconic musician's residence.

Fresh from his triumphant tour in Japan, Jake conquered hearts across 5 cities and 12 venues from May 1-21, 2023. His electrifying performances attracted nationwide attention, leading to features on TV and in a high-profile Tokyo publication.

Jake's June release, Brunette Country Girl, saw him seamlessly blending his signature style with a Japanese producer's influence. True to his tradition of sharing his sonic gifts on the 20th of each month, this collaborative project once again showcased Jake's endless creativity. This August, Jake will be serenading his loyal Japanese fans with his latest track, Every1 Loves U. Coinciding with the song'srelease is an infectious music video featuring an addictive dance routine that's destined to set TikTok ablaze.

So, stay tuned as Jake continues to redefine the boundaries of music and establish himself as a leading figure in the global music landscape.

Jake Murdoch Interview

How would you describe your music? 

My music is best described as feel good, happy songs that hopefully inspire and give people confidence in themselves.

Can you tell us about your new album?What was the inspiration? 

My new song  Every1 Loves U was inspired by wanting to give young people an inspirational song to dance to.  I also sing the song in a Japanese Version as well. 
I enjoy singing in multilingual as well. Last year I released a song Making It Easy in English/Japanese and Spanish.

What are you musical influences?
Jpop, Kpop, Pop and Rock.

Do you prefer performing live or recording? 

LIVE shows are great that way I can interact with the audience.
Recording in the studio is also really enjoyable because I enjoy the producing side of music as well.
I play 16 instruments so usually prefer to do all of the instruments on my songs. However programmed drums are my preffered choice when recording a song.

What should we expect from your upcoming tour? 

I just finished my 2nd Japan tour and hope to tour in Australia in 2024.
For the remainder of 2023 I have a few festivals lined up.

What motivates you most when writing music? 

What motivates me most when writing  music is putting all the parts together with the song such as the chorus and verses and working with my producer to make it happen.

Which music/artists are you currently listening to?
I really enjoy listening to Japanese and Korean Jpop and Kpop artists at the moment such as:
Kenshi Yonezu
But I also like Charlie Puth, Bruno Mars and Harry Styles.
Bands from The Beatles to INXS are awesome as well.

What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?
My Mum has always had all genres of music playing in the house growing up and she has always supported my music career. I first started in a band with my brother called FRESH OJ (Ollie and Jake) but we disbanded when I fired him. He will say he quit though....

If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?
I have written 2 songs with Australian royalty Co-Founder and main songwriter of INXS - Andrew Farriss.
It would be great to collaborate with Kenshi Yozenu or Imase.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in the music industry?
I haven't really faced any challenges. Life has been amazing and I have been so blessed to work with such talented musicians and meet with top music executives already at 13.

What's next, for you?
Next for me is to continue to write new music and continue my studies.

Can you share your socials?
Tik Tok
Japanese Version filmed in Tokyo Every1 Loves U
Australian Version - Australian Dancers Every1 Loves U
@jakemurdochofficial - Instagram


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